Geraldine brings the enchanting stories to life with her captivating voice and expressive storytelling. With her passion for the arts, Geraldine has immersed herself in the world of literature and theater. Hailing from Co. Sligo and now residing in Co. Mayo, she is a devoted working mother who skillfully balances her busy schedule with her love for the arts and her family.


Geraldine's narration of the "World of Sathvik and his Friends" series is a testament to her dedication to instilling a love of reading in young listeners. Through her engaging narration, she invites children to embark on thrilling adventures alongside Sathvik and his friends, igniting their imaginations and capturing their hearts.


Join us as we delve into the magical world of "World of Sathvik and his Friends" with the enchanting voice of Geraldine McKenzie as our guide. Get ready for a truly unforgettable listening experience!

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With the perfect blend of adventure, humor, and heartwarming moments, these audio books are the ideal companion for young listeners. Whether you're listening during car rides, bedtime, or just for the sheer joy of storytelling, the "World of Sathvik and his Friends" audio books will capture your imagination and leave you eager for more.

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